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Taking Action- Reaching your fitness and fat loss goals now!

Posted by Craig Boyd on Thu, Sep 29, 2011 @ 12:09

The biggest hurdle for someone starting the journey toward fitness and fat loss is often commitment. 

What is commitment in terms of reaching your fat loss and performance goals? It is commitment to actions that will lead toward your desired outcome. It is not simply desiring results such as fat loss and improved health. Probably 90 or 95% of the population want an improvement in some aspect of their health. Commitment is making the health and lifestyle changes necessary to see noticeable changes, and sticking with those changes.  Most people are committed to the outcome such as how great it would feel to be a dress size smaller or to be in better shape and have more energy and vitality. In summary, to see results you need to be  committed to actions that are helping you reach your goals.

Now that we have you thinking about action, let's make sure the actions are focused on items that will produce the desired results. In the health and fitness field we tend to see a few types of people not seeing results. One example would be a client that is applying themselves but focusing on the wrong actions. An example would be adding an extra cardio session (30 minutes 1 x a week) because you are not seeing fat loss results vs. checking what you areAdding more cardio may not provide fat loss eating (all day every day). Nutrition  can affect whether your body is burning fat during and after your workout. So adding an extra session may not burn any extra fat. This person may get frustrated and stop training. The answer may not have been in training more, but in adjusting your nutrition and getting more of the results you want form the sessions you are doing.  Another example  would be people setting a goal such as lose 10 lbs by Thanksgiving , but no actionable steps. Some actionable steps would be workout Monday , Wednesday and Friday at 7 am  and eliminating grain and sugar from all your meals. 

Lets look at a proper plan of actionable items for both these examples.

To see a noticeable loss in fat and improved conditioning you need to:

  • be eating the right foods at the right times
  • avoid sugar, alcohol and processed food
  • get enough sleep so that you recover form your workouts and improve your conditioning from session to session

All of these factors take time. Here are some questions to ask yourself before starting a workout routine:

  1. When will you be training? Morning, lunch or after work and which days
  2. What are you normally doing at this time? Sleeping, eating lunch , working late,  getting the kids etc.
  3. When will you be doing the things you were doing during your session, instead? Go to bed earlier so no TV, Eat at my desk so pack a healthy lunch, get spouse to grab kids I will grab healthy dinner on way home from workout
  4. Where do I find the time to do all of this? Something has to give i.e. one less hour of TV at night for more sleep to train in the morning, less time on Facebook or other social media. 

Proper planning is the answer for most of this. As they say in the fitness business "fail to plan, plan to fail". You simply want to break your new lifestyle change into do-able action steps (not goals). Most people that are in a state of perpetual goal setting fail to take the next step and set actionable items for their goals.  Here is what a start up plan would look like for a health and lifestyle change for a client wanting to train in the morning. 

  • get to bed at least one hour earlier-that may mean no TV or computer after dinner
  • pack healthy post workout snack or full breakfast before heading to bed
  • do laundry of workout clothes one night a week- Sunday
  • shop for healthy snacks and easy to prepare breakfast food- Sunday
  • bring water to work so you are hydrated before and after your workout
  • exercise for 30 minutes each day monday to Friday and do something our doors on the weekend. This should be scheduled and is not an optional item.

If you can ste these actionable items as your goals and game plan for the next month, you will see a noticeable result in fat loss, more energy and imporved performance. For allot of people starting out, the first step is making the right choices. The next step is doing them consistently. Try this plan for 30 days and let me know the results. 


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